Friday, March 4, 2011

A painting class

Signed up for a Michael's Fine Art class a few weeks ago.  It was advertised as a landscape course.  I was excited because I haven't completed a landscape before.  Showed up to the class and was informed by the instructor this was his first class. Oh! and that he hates doing landscapes...Awesome.  But we did one any way.  It was only me and another lady who flaked out in the middle of it and quit because she just couldn't get the hang of it.  It really wasn't that difficult, but she was used to watercolors and we were using acrylics.  Pretty happy with the end result.  Still needs to be finished.  I'll post a pic when its done.  I would really like to take a real art class, where I could be taught something. Alas, not much in the way of availability here.  Just have to keep up with the trial-and-error technique. 

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  1. Or try another class. Ask the staff who the teacher will be, or what the best classes are.