Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just a little something...

A small burst of the creative spirit. My first wreath for my first home.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Virginia is for Lovers

So we've settled into our new home in Virginia.  The move itself was full of trials and tribulations.  Barely made it through a single state with some sort of issue.  We've been here for just over a week, and a few house related things have been accomplished or at least identified as future project.  One of the most important things we've taken care of was selecting a palette for our home.  We chose Valspar's Colonial color scheme, with colors like "Sandy Cove", "American Schooner" (dark blue), "Bliss" (light yellow), and "Polar White" for aaallll the trim.

On a more artistic note, we have a large open space right above our fireplace that is just screaming for a painting. So I've decided to do one.  One of the many great things about where we live is the proximity to a large Jerry's Artarama.  Heaven on a budget! I purchased a set of palette four knives for $10 and a 30 x 36 in 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas for like $35.  Stellar deal if you ask me!

The next task was to what exactly I wanted to portray.  I've ultimately decided to find a scene from around the area, and I think I found it.  It's a view of a local park and it incorporates just about every color of our colonial color palette.  So that is my big project!  Pretty excited about it.

However....in the mean time, I have a small autumn themed wreath to make with tiny woodland forest creatures.  I'll be sure to post a picture of it once completed.  Big thanks to hanging around.  I hope from this point on posts will get more regular and feature more work.