Sunday, March 6, 2011


I finished two landscapes this week. The first one was from the class I attended on Thursday, "Tree with Flowers".  I'm very happy. I sort have surprised myself with it.

The second one is supposed to be for my mom, titled "Wild Blueberry Fields in the Fall". It was/is a challenge. It still may be considered a work in progress.  Something is missing...  I want the fields to be vibrant.  Its supposed to be more representational than photo realistic.  I may have to come back to it tomorrow. 

Constructive comments are welcome.

9x12 Acrylic "Tree with Flowers"

12x16 Acrylic "Wild Blueberry Fields in the Fall"


  1. OK I love Trees with Flowers! The change in light again is great and the flowers are really detailed for the scale. Good job! And I do like the second Fields in the Fall better, all around. You did a great job improving on your work!

  2. Yeah, I'm really happy with Trees with Flower too. I'm on the look out for a nice frame so I can hang it up. I studied my Tree with Flowers when I went back to the Field in Fall. I needed more layering of colors I decided.