Sunday, February 27, 2011

Practice, practice, practice...

I set up today to work with pastels.  I've always done pretty well with this media, so I wanted to revisit it.  Originally, I wanted to work with color on a floral arrangement I have in the house.  As I went to set it up I decided to make it more of a still life with other objects, but I really couldn't find any other items that I thought would work. In my search I spotted some ramekins.  I stacked them up in a rather challenging formation and sat down to work.  I set out to make this an exercise and not any sort of final work.  I needed to work on my values and proportions. 

I used  a 9x12 Canson Pastel Mi-Teintes 98LB grey/blue paper, with white pastel and a 3-6mm Farber-Castell Natural Charcoal stick. 

The most challenging part of this set up was the tilted ramekin.  It didn't turn out quite right.  I wasn't able to achieve the depth I wanted in the bowl with the proper shadowing.  Other than that, I am quite pleased with the result. 

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