Friday, February 25, 2011

Competition Submission Update

So I did it.  I sent in my work yesterday to the Dave Brown Project 2nd Semiannual Competition.  The 4 I ultimately chose were: Custer Valley (renamed South Dakota), Minnesota Sunset (renamed Minnesota), Baxter State Park (renamed Maine), and Lake Towada Dock (renamed Lake Towada, Japan). 

Mr. Dave Brown has already provided me with some feedback, which I greatly appreciate.  He felt that images 2 and 4 (Minnesota, and Lake Towada, Japan) were the strongest of the 4.  What that means, not exactly sure.  Does it mean they're all bad, but 2 and 4 are less so? Not sure.  Will I make the top 25 or even the winning 7? Most likely not, but I'm happy I did it win or lose.  I'm not tyring to be all self-defeating here, just realistic. 

I've put the 4 images up here again.  If one wins or is recognized and you want a print, lets talk :)
South Dakota

Lake Towada, Japan


  1. Was Japan in b&w before? or am I making stuff up? Either way, now I really like the color contrast and in sum, think you made an excellent submission. Win or lose, you did FANTASTIC in submitting your work because that's personally recognizing that it's worth awards! So good for you! I'm proud of you! keep me posted on this -

  2. No it was in Color before. He said it was one of the stronger pieces so that made my day. And you're right win or lose, I feel great that I did it, even tho all the past winners have MFA's. We'll see in June!!