Monday, February 7, 2011

Submission for a Competition?

So I signed up with a website that promotes art competitions. Some are free, some are not.  This one popped up this morning and I'm giving it serious thought.  You can check out ther Prospectus here: Dave Brown Project Prospectus  There's a $40 entry fee, but that seems pretty reasonable to me.  I've never entered one of these before.  I figure I don't really have anything to lose (except $40).  If it's picked great!  If not, no biggie.  My whole career and definition as an artist isn't based solely on this entry. 

The subject matter can be anything and the media can be anything.  I was thinking one of my photographs may be the most appropriate.  These are the ones I'm considering.  Tell me which one you like and why, please :)

Custer Peak Valley

Custer Peak Valley 2

October Aspens

Minnesota Sunset

Baxter State Park

Lake Towada Dock, Japan


This is just for fun, if you don't see one you think would be appropriate for submission, please tell me!  I don't want to look like a fool, I want to feel like I at least gave it my best shot.  I'm not telling which one is my choice before I see what everyone else thinks.  Thanks everyone!


  1. I like Custer Peak Valley 1, Minnesota Sunset and Japan the best. Custer Peak because it's in black and white and has an interesting foreground as well as a detailed (and framed) background. Minnesota is just breathtaking. And Japan is a unique subject with excellent color contrast. These are my picks. Can you submit more than one, or is it $40 a submission? Why not any of your other media works? You have some great ones!

  2. Not sure if I can submit more than one, it doesn't say. I think I'll email and ask. I just feel most confident about these, in terms of composition/color/perspective. I've always wanted to show these particular pieces off. The ones you mentioned are my faves too! Thanks for the comments!!

  3. I like the Lake Towada Dock, Japan; the lobsters are cool too and Baxter State Park. All of them are beautiful.