Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Progression Documentation

I've decided to document my progress on my next piece.  Since a great painting comes from a great drawing, I'm going to do a great drawing first.  The key is to pay attention, not to rush, and focus all my attention to the color pencil drawing first.  I tend to rush as I approach the end of a piece.  I get so excited to be close to done and see the finished product that I tend to get ahead of myself.  So this is going to be more of an exercise for myself in patience and focus.  Below is the original picture source and the first completed stage of the piece.  Although it's very faint, the palm frond is sketched into the background. I'm very happy with this first phase.

Poppy and Frond
Taken 5-29-2011 

Phase 1: Poppy
Prismacolor Pencils
12x16 Canson Pastel Paper 98#

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