Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Completed Piece "The Poppy"

It's finished!  Took me longer than I anticipated due to unexpected interruptions (I didn't choose this Blog name on a whim!) I did exactly what I said I'd do.  I took my time and did section by section.  Obviously the palm took the longest.  Looking closely the palm frond is a combination of greens, yellow, and dusty blues. I used a random combination of colors for the palm.  Each individual leaf (?) was completed using the same colors but in different order. I didn't plan each one, just kind of let it happen. I took great care to make sure each one was different.  The palm as well as the poppy really needed to POP!  I'm believe that's been accomplished! So please enjoy "The Poppy".

"The Poppy"
Prismacolor pencil
12x14, Colored Canson Pastel Paper 98#


  1. Hello ! This is CinnamonMiaw from Read My Blog Swap (:

    I am following your blog by the name of くろ猫 miaaw*

    I really enjoy seeing your art work ! You are very talented (:

    I also like to draw and paint but I am not that good :P

    I hope you keep up the good work (:

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate your comment and lovely compliment. :) Always love new followers!!