Sunday, April 10, 2011

For the love of colored pencils

It's amazing how much time there is that I DON'T get to paint/draw, but when I do, it's heaven. The previous work "Cherries" was a lot of fun and I think really successful.  As a result I decided to give the colored pencils another go.  This time I used my best friend's photo from this year's cherry blossom blooms (I won't post the original w/o consent of  the photographer).  I used the burnishing techniques this time as well.  Not quite as successfully as before, and my blending marker was too stained by the "Cherries" to use it effectively.  I went beyond nature's palette, with the inclusion of Light Ceruleen Blue, Prama Violet, and Canary Yellow.  I find it to be a rather pleasing "Spring" palette, since cherry blossoms bloom in spring it was appropriate.  I used Canson Pastel Paper again this time in Blue.  It's also executed in a 4x6 space.  I wanted to make it smaller.  It not only helps me keep things tight, but I think for composition and display purposes it would be suited better as a smaller piece. Enjoy!

"Cherry Blossom Buds and Blooms"
Colored Pencils (Prismacolor)
Canson Pastel Paper


  1. LOVE IT! Am so honored!!!!!

  2. So glad you like it!! Thought of you the whole time :)