Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes you just have to MAKE yourself do it. I've fussed all day about what my next project should be. The lobsters are almost done, just waiting on a critique from a friend. I've googled and I've googled, not finding anything inspiring. I revisited some familiar and favoritie artists. Like previously mentioned, Emily Carr is my latest muse. I would LOVE to learn how to paint like her. Granted I have to learn how to paint first. That will have to wait though. The local art center, The Dahl, in Rapid City offers classes. Of course, the painting class is pretty much over, so I'll have to wait until after the holidays.

In the meantime...

I've determined what I need to do to help me refine and refresh my skills. I'm going to have to do some reproductions of works that I admire. Maybe through them I will be able to try different techniques. However, there is one medium I am pretty good at. Graphite. So why push myself into the unfamiliar when I'm getting back in the swing of things?

While taking a break from looking for inspiration I found it. In high school, we had an art assignment where we took a photograph and camoflauged it using multiple patterns virtually obscuring the image. The piece I completed acutally won an award. I was flipping though the pages of "O" Oprah's magazine when I found a really intersting hair advertisement. It's from this ad that I used to begin and complete my latest work.

This piece was completed on Strathmore 80lb drawing paper. Derwent Drawing Pencils (F, H, 3B) were used to complete the body of the figure. Sharpie fine point marker was used for the patterned hair.


  1. I love it! Why not look for art from your favorite artists? Or facebook even?

  2. I love the stylized hair in this - very creative!