Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keeping the ball rolling

I've been keeping busy with my holiday project. I've had many positive reviews with requests for their own. It's time consuming, tedious, and a real challenge to just complete one and I LOVE it! I'm happiest when in the middle of a project. Although, I'm beginning to think my husband isn't as thrilled by just how involved I get into one project. I tend to become swallowed up by the process and a bit huffy when things don't go my way or get in my way.

One of my greatest challenges to my new hobby (aside from the constant interruptions), is my lack of space. There is absolutely no room for me to work or keep my materials within reach. My supplies are scattered around the house, in closets, under the bed, in the bookcase, etc. I wish I could just have everything in one place! Then I would know exactly what I have and wont feel like I need to buy any more supplies (a real weakness). Alas, due to the confines of our living space I must rummage and stash my work where I can.

I've been able to squeeze in another pen and ink line drawing. Quite proud of it acutually. It's very satisfying to be able to sit down with an idea and complete it in one sitting. I enjoyed this piece as it evolved as I went along. I love that sensation, the constant working and reworking to make sure it comes out just right. Currently, happy as a clam. I should be able to complete more of my holiday projects and other pieces during this holiday week. I'm desperate to keep up the pace, just need to make sure I don't overwhlem myself. Another constant challenge...

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