Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Landscape #3

I attempted my third landscape acrylic painting.  Recently I have been using my free art time (between the hours of 6pm-9pm) with the creation of ATCs. I had mentioned them previously and since then I have finished two more.  Their themes were "Favorite Places" and "Tin Foil".  These were private swaps between my friend and me.  Although I had forgotten to take their pictures before sending, I'm sure I can count on her to take and share the pictures.  Since I have completed those two, I wanted to paint again. I chose to do another landscape.

I have a pretty decent stash of wrapped canvas in various sizes to choose from so my first task was to determine the size.  Did I want to go large scale like "The Poppy" or smaller like "Tree with Flowers"?  Ultimately I chose to go smaller with a 9x12 gallery wrapped canvas. Next, and the hardest part of all was the subject.  I dug and clicked through most of all my photos on my hard drive and account. I eventually had to go through some of my friends and family's "Shared" albums.  I came across an album of my moms from when she and my sister came to visit me in Maine in the Fall of 2007.  We took a trip down through Fryeburg, ME and into Conway, NH.  We stayed that this super cute B&B called Crystal Lake Bed & Breakfast.  The beautiful fall foliage around the lake and with little white steeple church just made this shot quintessential New England.

I took a few creative licenses primarily with the trees.  The original picture has oak trees, but I decided to go for birch trees.  Ultimately, I am very happy with this piece.  I framed it temporarily with a frame I found at an antique shop.  Unfortunately the canvas is a little too deep for the frame so until I find another way, this will have to do.

Below are the original photograph and the competed painting.  Please enjoy!

Crystal Lake, Conway NH, Taken Oct 2007

"New Hampshire in October"
12x9, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas


  1. I like it, it looks fantastic!!! Glad you added leaves. It concerns me though that you have trouble finding subjects. ... Would you be interested at all - and you can say no - in doing any pictures from my trips to Paris? I only took about a thousand pics each time. Do you know about my itty bitty flickr? I hardly ever add to it, but it's got a tiny sampling of Paris Round 2 picks. If you're interested, tell me what you specifically want and I'll go through and find some options. AGAIN, only if you want. I just feel bad that you can't find stuff to paint. I know what that frustration is like and don't want you to have it!

  2. Sorry, the flickr address is Before I was lttleetoile

  3. Very nicely done! I like the soft colors and the leaves especially. And I've never done ATC's but I've been curious about them for a while, sounds fun. :) Feels good to paint again doesn't it? And your heron below looks wonderful! Great job with that.

  4. Thank you so much Crystal! ATCs are neat little crafty art projects, I posted 2 examples under the "tangent" post. And, yes it felt wonderful to paint this little landscape. Thank you so much for stopping by, means a lot!!