Friday, January 14, 2011


So I think I need to become a portable artist.  There is very little to virtually NO space in our home for me to work.  I usually end up with my sketchpad on my knees or propped up on the coffee table.  Neither of which is ideal for the back.  We have a hard enough time trying to find some place to put the mail.  Currently, everything (2 portfolios, 4 sketch pads, pencils, drawing board, etc) is all shoved under the bed.  My pencil tackle box is hidden in the closet, out of the way of Babyzilla. 

The biggest challenge is this unshakable urge to go B-I-G!  I want to do everything > 24x24!  Feasible, hardly.  First off, that is a really time consuming project regardless of the subject matter.  More importantly there's no place to store a project that size that is easily accessible.  I guess being forced by circumstance to work smaller isn't a bad thing.  It's probably for the best. I need to practice, practice, practice before I can even commit to doing something on a larger scale.  

I have been able to narrow down a few of the project from "100 Creative Drawing Ideas...".  They should help me get out of my rut, as well as to introduce me some abstract styles.  Luckily, I have been able to commit to a medium.  I had been itching to paint, but I've never really had any painting instruction.  So for now, it's back to graphite and charcoal. 

I'm making all of the little decisions in my head before I start; working smaller, paper type, and medium.  Even subject matter is floating around there.  Just have to commit, so why can't I commit?

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  1. Are you scared to commit? Don't be scared of "failure," that's how you learn! I'm glad the book is coming in handy. As far as where to store, what about hanging on a hanger in the closet, putting under the bed or couch, or in a makeshift portfolio behind the door (you could make out of a science project board or just two pieces of poster board). Just ideas... I think you're amazing in your work, so just try. Try paint out too - it can't hurt!