Thursday, June 10, 2010

I created this blog as a way document and motivate my exploration of my creative nature. I liked to think of myself as an artist. I have those feeling at my core that I could/can create beautiful pieces of work. I just don't know who to exactly go about that. I have the raw skills, but I need to refine them. I also want to find my "perfect" medium. I plan on experimenting with extra soft pastels, pastel pencils, graphite, prismacolor pencils, and watercolor. All of which I have worked with before. Most likely I'll mix these media as well. At this point, I feel that acrylic and oils are way out of my league.

So I need some ideas about "first" projects. I need to complete some practice exercises so I can relearn how to manipulate each media again. I dug through my old portfolio, so hopefully that'll give me some direction, if I can remember the directions for each piece.

I will come back and give a more detailed background as to the why and how of this blog, but it's been a long day. So until next time, the need for sleep is interrupting this artist.

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